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I design and develop web sites and web-based marketing solutions for entrepreneurial businesses in Mpls, MN. Learning new technology and using it to "creatively solve problems and reach people" is my passion. I started out as a programmer for a large corporation, but was drawn to the client-side of the business, and went on to provide support and technical training for a small, growing, computer networking company. I've found my niche with The Tailored Page, helping small business owners understand and use web technologies to support their marketing goals. Let me put my technology experience to work for you.
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"Cindy effectively developed this with fresh ideas, managing the technology and helping us bridge the gap between what we know about our markets and effective marketing through the site."

~ Brian Berg, President and General Manager, Bergari Solutions


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My promise is to listen to your needs, collaboratively problem solve and deliver the right web solutions on time and on budget. I have a broad range of experience that includes web design, social media, email, networks, and many desktop applications and products and will use what works best for your small business.                details
  • Domain search, setup, transfer
  • Email account setup
  • Outlook, phone mail setup
  • Email promotions
  • Business card & brochure design
  • Technical consulting & training
Cindy DeHerder, Web developer and business owner, The Tailored Page
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Technology With Purpose
Helping clients use web technologies to creatively solve problems and reach people
  • Web strategy & planning
  • Web design and development
  • Facebook & Twitter setup
  • Graphics & logo creation
  • Online product sales
  • Search Engine Optimization
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